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Drive tractors;

This simple effective technology has been used effectively in the industry for many years and has been perfected by our engineers

over time. Drive tractor units consist mainly of pneumatics as they are used in conjunction with the platform's built in guide wheel to provide a bicycle type motion control.



The center mounted guide wheel is pushed against the floor using an air actuator to gain traction without carrying the load.

The drive tractor interlocks with the platform to provide steering and motion.

A control panel mounted on the main stem provides air supply control over the air casters and also to the guide wheel.

A handlebar has twist control for forward and backward motion and has a handy "dead man handle" for emergency cutoff.


Drive Tractor Interlock: This hookup gives full directional control of the platform, "Dead Man" control of the main air supply to the Air casters is from the main control console. Clenching the leaver handle on the console of the drive tractor raises the platform using further controls adjusting the pressure to the tractor for traction control, the air is on; release and the air shuts off. 

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