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The Bridge of Time CarPark

Robotic Car park
A Car Park in the central district of Hobbemekade, Amsterdam is no easy task, real estate is a premium in this tourist filled historic town as was the difficulty posed in the design of a car park that would be totally underground and no room for the space hungry spiraling entry or exit.

Confined to the space of a lift shaft the use of space was a premium and for this there was only two technologies that could answer the call, Fluid Film air casters and space age robotics to control the tetras like puzzle of parking a vehicle safely and then retrieving it within minutes as the driver called to get the car.

A wide awake team of specialist engineers from a small company in Israel called ASSA began the project supported by Pat White in the UK and achieved a world first solution that thanks to Siemens is maintained to this day with updated robotics technologies and systems, truly an INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING IN MOTION.

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