Sun International, a customer well known in the casino industry required a safe and cost effective method for making a bridge float and imitate an earth quake for the theme of a ruined Earthquake devastated "Lost City" in the mid African resort of the Lost City , a theme Casino in Bophuthatswana.


After carefully surveying the site and meeting with the customer, a concept was established and agreed. Using a team of three sub contract Companies for pneumatics, Fabrication and installation. The construction work took a total of 4 months as the bridge structure was already in place and needed to be lifted using air bags and secured so that the plumbing and the 18 "Large" Air Casters could be fitted in place. the entire structure is held in place by 18 Rail Car Suspension type actuators with a plc control to automate the system, Finally this is powered by a large Atlas Copco Compressor.

Concept, Design and installation was completed by Pat White and a team of lateral thinking pneumatics, electronic and fabrication engineers that worked at the fabulous resort for 6 months to achieve an effect that runs to this day since 1992 - INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING IN MOTION !


Simple solution.

Virtually maintenance free as the Air Casters never actually move any distance or touch the surface.

Very effective performance due to the entire structure being levitated and therefore it " feels like you are really slipping around.