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Welcome to the world portal of Air Caster Technology

At AerGlide we specialize in moving heavy loads on a fine film of air providing air caster equipped structures designed for material handling of all shapes and sizes. some of our products include innovatively engineered Air platforms, Air planks or the riggers choice of air skids. Heavy load moving Air Platforms with capacities up to 140,000 pounds, air motor powered steerable drive tractors.

AerGlide's offering in Air Caster products is based on 20 years of hard earned experience in the international markets. Our technology has been fine tuned to suit our customer's needs. At AerGlide we provide a range of Air Casters in both measurements of metric or imperial and provide a direct replacement that fits your existing systems no matter where you purchased them. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Features Include:


Carefully designed laser cut components that fit.


We take great pride in our craftsmanship and presentation to deliver neatly assembled systems.


Quick change stand alone diaphragm.


No need to throw away the backing plate.


Tray Mount is now integrated as standard.


Quick supply and installation.


Competitive pricing.

Lateral Thinking:

At AerGlide we enjoy our unique approach to innovative engineering and are proud of our history of solving problems associated with moving heavy loads, from a 260 ton earth quake bridge to a crate of parts, AerGlide material handling products and rigging sets have the answers with our wide range of standard and custom manufactured products that include Air Caster based,  Air Skids, Air Pallets, Platforms and Transporters, Drive Tractors, Lift & Tilt Tables, Turntables, and complete turn-key operations.

AerGlide utilizes advanced load movement methods and air film technology and pneumatics in their standard and custom engineered Air Caster equipped products. We design and engineer our products using green and ergonomic materials optimizing worker productivity while focusing on increased safety, ease of operation and recyclable components.

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